Dead Kid Harvester

With the lyrics to a song written, but no musical ability to accompany them, an alternative solution was conceived. A track was put together using samples of kitchen utensils, vocals were recorded, and Dead Kid Harvester was born.

Dead Kid Harvester is a solo avant-garde/experimental/noise artist with a complete disregard for any form of music convention such as harmony or tempo. The primary instruments used are vocals and kitchen utensils. The life of a song typically begins with the lyrics, written with no consideration for rhythm or beat. Dead Kid Harvester takes influences ranging from doom metal to drone, industrial and old school punk, and polarises them into an industrial cacophony of noise. Recorded samples and segments are combined haphazardly into songs, with frequent use of pitch shift and time stretch effects.

Dead Kid Harvester was founded in Porirua, New Zealand in December 2000 but later relocated to Auckland. The name Dead Kid Harvester is a combination of two nicknames acquired at high school, equally as off-putting as the music itself. The preferred lyrical themes are insanity, horror, philosophy and the fate of humankind. Dead Kid Harvester makes use of both jarring and subtle variations between channels to invoke uneasiness and disarray.

In 2018, after nearly ten years of recording and procrastination, the debut full-length album The First Sign Of Madness was finally completed.

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The First Sign Of Madness front cover The First Sign Of Madness

22nd May 2018

Planet Bloopy

1. Radiation
2. My Brain Surgeon Has Parkinson's Disease
3. Chronic Halloween Syndrome
4. Wormy Justice
5. White Coats and Strangled Throats
6. Old Bloopbeard's Tale
7. Microwave Pop Song
8. Mind Lost
9. Psychopathic Influence
10. Sleep
11. Harvester Kid Dead
12. Architecture of Aggression
13. Scab Made Out of Faeces

Primordial Vestiges front cover Primordial Vestiges

18th Dec 2022

Planet Bloopy

* Free download

1. Hungry Harvey (Cannibal Beat mix)
2. Mind Lost (2002 version)
3. White Coats and Strangled Throats (2002 version)
4. Swinnie at the Operating Table
5. Hungry Harvey (Crystal Ball mix)
6. Wormy Justice (2003 version)
7. Headzilla
8. Mind Lost (Exorcise mix)
9. Brain Derailment
10. Dead Kid's Machine

A collection of songs that served as demos for Dead Kid Harvester albums. Originally recorded and released online as individual tracks between 2000-2004.

I Only Liked the Neglected Demos front cover I Only Liked the Neglected Demos

5th Feb 2012

Planet Bloopy

* Free download

1. They're Melting the Easter Bunny
2. Proz' for Ma 'Hoes (Prozac Loops mix feat. Jase Cheese Motherfuckers)
3. Wacko Wonderland
4. Ode to a Fresh Fruit
5. Mullet Army

A collection of songs that never made it beyond the demo stage. Originally recorded and released online as individual tracks between 2001-2003.

Various Artists
Anniversary front cover Anniversary

25th Feb 2024

Bromtol Largesse

* Bandcamp

Features song City.

Undead Apocalypse front cover Undead Apocalypse

31st Aug 2022

Paracelsian Records

* Bandcamp

Features song Hungry Harvey.

No Synth Noise Compilation front cover No Synth Noise Compilation 2017

10th Dec 2017

Histamine Tapes

* Bandcamp

Features an interpretation of an Into Orbit track.

Through the Drift and the Unspoken front cover Through the Drift and the Unspoken

3rd Nov 2016

* Bandcamp

Features song White Coats and Strangled Throats.


8th Aug 2012
USB Stick


* Free download

Features songs Puberty, Stubborn Cupboard.

5DBSSS One - tha ReeMux is front cover 5DBSSS One - tha ReeMux is

5th Sep 2011

Itsu Jitsu

* Free download
* Bandcamp

Metal on Utensil is a remix of Metal on Metal by Doug Sharp.

We'll Leave the Lights On front cover We'll Leave the Lights On

31st Oct 2009

He of the House

Features song Radiation.

DEMUS Compiled II front cover DEMUS Compiled II

30th Oct 2009
2x CD-R


* Bandcamp

Features song Radiation.

In the Media

Rock Royalty (Phoenix New Times, 22 Jan. 2004)
"You can hear some bad stuff, true. I mean, my favorite horrible band is Dead Kid Harvester, a guy out of New Zealand who plays kitchen utensils. It's the worst stuff on the planet."


I Only Liked the Neglected Demos

"...all those other projects that were used somehow, I never liked those so much either, ever. Scrap it all, leave it to the garbage, and collect it again some other time to make an album of neglected demos! This is actually some of the goofiest, funniest, and fucked to the bone music heard in my ears in a long time, something in fact never heard in my entire listening experience. This is something entirely other, almost stupid in fact, well, fucking brilliantly stupid! A retarded genius of astral bafoonery! The feeling I get from this music is a kind of sensation in my brain that no other music has ever come close to. Two huge what the fucking middle finger thumbs up..." - Samuel Lilly, WTFMusic

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