The infamous track The Bloopy Song and various new ideas were deemed to be too silly to even be a part of the Dead Kid Harvester project, and so Bloopmongler was founded in Auckland, New Zealand in May 2009.

Bloopmongler is an experimental/noise artist influenced by internet memes, music made by other internet users, MIDI files, wild megafauna, video games and more.

The debut full-length album Menacing Fibreglass Bloop is a long-term work in progress which reached 50% completion in 2017.

HearThis.At | YouTube


Various Artists
19 Seconds of Sound front cover Antihistamine 2020: 19 Seconds of Sound

16th Oct 2020

Histamine Tapes

* Bandcamp

Features song Catcher in the Rye.

Antihistamine 2019 front cover Antihistamine 2019

31st Oct 2019

Histamine Tapes

* Bandcamp

Features song Cleanup.

BRINK front cover BRINK

15th Jul 2016


* Free download

Features songs LIFE, DEATH.

Deride the Shite Scene Vol. 2 front cover Tauranga Music Sux Presents: Deride the Shite Scene Vol. 2

31st Jan 2013

Savant Garde Records

* Bandcamp

Features song I Wish I Was From Tauranga.

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